In Spring 2016, the Her Campus Tour brought a one-of-a-kind, multi-sponsor campus tour experience to six lucky schools in the south. The HC Tour kicked off at Texas A&M University, followed by University of Houston, Auburn University, Georgia State University, Florida State University and wrapped up at the University of Florida. 

Not only were there fun games and exciting giveaways, but killer swag thanks to our amazing sponsors – ASOS, Micro Kickboard, Monthly Gift, Tinder and Camelbak. But why take our word for it? Check out what attendees had to say and the incredible video created by the Her Campus at University of Florida chapter.

Hundreds of students were in line the entire time and were so excited to learn more about the event. It was also a really fun study break during finals week! The event made me even more proud to be a part of Her Campus!
— Darcy, University of Florida
I think it brought a lot of great publicity to Auburn’s Her Campus chapter as well as all of the cool sponsors that a lot of people may not necessarily know about like Micro Kickboard or Monthly gift.”
— Sydney, Auburn University
The Her Campus Tour was a wonderful way for the TAMU team to really feel like a part of something bigger. I loved every bit of it and would definitely do it again!
— Leana, Texas A&M University
The Her Campus Tour is a fun way to get involved on campus and share information about high quality brands like ASOS and Camelbak!
— Lindy, Auburn University